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This is great place to get started with content marketing. Take a few minutes to learn about the power of content marketing. Don't want to read about content marketing, there is a video introduction to content marketing.

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What Makes Cranberry Different?

Cranberry helps you repackage your content into a creative asset suitable for native content display on our publisher's websites. Our native content approach helps you improve engagement.

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Cranberry provides a content solution that engages readers on your site. We provide short-form content that displays natively on your site. Stop sending your users down a click-bait path.

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Uniquely Cranberry

How we do it?

Power of the Content Gist

Pronounced "jist", as in the gist of the story.

Increasingly recognized as one of the most significant breakthroughs in content marketing in recent years, the content gist repackages longer form content into short form content ideal for wider distribution and consumption.

Gist Builder

The Cranberry Gist Builder helps you summarize your content through 4 simple questions. Each question is designed to reach one of the four macro-temperaments; competitive, methodical, humanistic and spontaneous.

Persona-based Content

It is often said that you can't please everyone. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Cranberry is the platform to help you maximize your reach and impact. The content gist is constructed using a specific formula that speaks to all four macro-personas.

Great for SEO

One of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings is to get people to share your content organically. Cranberry is your platform for reaching new people with your content. Its a simple formula.

Larger audience + great content = more shares = Better SEO.

Analytics and Measurement

Cranberry provides near real-time data in your dashboard. You can see content placement numbers and click-through data as it happens. You can also add UTM data to your content URL to make your tracking easier. You also have access to your own analytics to help you track performance.

Cranberry also provides persona metrics to help you gauge the response to individual persona-based traffic.

Editorial Lifeline & Support

Need help? Or just want to chat with someone? We have people for that. Our editorial team doubles as our support staff. You can contact them 24 hours a day.

Need to do something "off book" or more creative? Our professional services team can help you design a campaign tailored to your needs.

About Cranberry

Get to know us

We do small in a big way. We have a rich history of helping small businesses and organizations tell their stories. Let's face it, bigger companies don't really need our help. These companies have their own gravity. But we've been where you are now and know the challenges small businesses encounter in getting attention online. Team Cranberry exists for the sole purpose of helping smaller companies share their stories and engage with a larger audience.

We are guardians of time. We believe that people have plenty of time for things that matter to them. Our job is to help you matter. We do this by creating content experiences that have proper alignment between the content marketing and the content being promoted. Cranberry is a BuzzFeed free zone.

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Our Philosophy

Explore the Benefits of the Content Gist™

Introducing the Content Gist

The content gist is a short-form version of your content. More than an image and clever headline, we provide the reader with the gist of your content to improve engagement.

Improved Engagement

The goal of your marketing shouldn't be to trick users into a click. What you really want is engagement.

The content gist provides a window into your content.

More than a clever image and misleading headline, each content gist contains something for competitive, methodical, humanistic and spontaneous persona types.

Publisher Friendly

This is a sample content gist. The ideal placement for this content unit is below a post or article. Notice how the content gist takes on the look and feel of this site? This part of the Cranberry secret, we display your content so that it flows with the publisher content.

A Fully Transparent Platform

From our pricing model to the traffic we deliver, Cranberry seeks to be completely transparent.

We do provide basic traffic data. But we understand that nothing speaks to you better than your own analytics. Need more, we support UTM within your content URLS.

These Are Your Tools

Amplify Your Content

Cranberry Gist™

The Cranberry Content Gist™ is your best option for driving qualified traffic to your online content. The Content Gist is a short form version of your content ideal for online delivery. Its purpose is to engage your audience where they live online. By definition, people who click through to your longer form content are qualified because we have bounced everyone else on the publisher's site.

Gist Social™

Not sure where to get started with the whole Cranberry Content Gist™ thing? This is where you should begin. Gist Social™ is a service we offer on an annual subscription. For one annual fee, you can create unlimited Social Content Gists at Cranberry. This helps you; 1) test your messaging, 2) access the expertise of our editors and 3) get valuable persona-based metrics. Distribution is limited to social channels unless you upgrade. Gist Social™ subscribers receive discounts on Content Gist upgrades.

PR Gist™

This is where we have a hard time escaping our past. We are the online press release experts. After all, we popularized online press release distribution with PRWeb. We have now partnered with Business Wire to bring you their world class distribution paired with amplification of Cranberry's Content Gist.

The power of Business Wire, Amplified by Cranberry.

5 Minute Webinars™

The 5 Minute Webinar is your playground. This is the place you can test your message and practice delivering content in a way that speaks to the four macro-personas. Can you answer the following questions about your product or service in five minutes? What is the Big Idea? How does this product or service work? How does it make my tomorrow better than my today? How does it make the world a better place? If you can answer these questions, you are ready to host a free 5 Minute Webinar™ with our producer. We will even promote your webinar before and after you present.

It's Not Free

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  • Annual Membership
  • Create and share unlimited social gists
  • Discounts on other services
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$ 619 00

  • Promote a single piece of content
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$ 953 00

  • Press Release Distribution via Business Wire
  • REACH 100-200k New READERS
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More Than a Few Satisfied Businesses

What if every piece of content you create would guarantee an audience? We are all in with David McInnis and his merry band of content engagement professionals. This is the kind of radical media placement we've always wanted.

Mark A. Effinger

Mark A. Effinger


We found that Cranberry’s content gist is perfect for today’s distracted audiences. Having your message on Cranberry will put it in front of thousands of eyes every day. It brings higher quality customers. 

Andrea Reindl

Andrea Reindl

Smarter Voice

The ability to capture a lead from a third-publisher site appeared unattainable to us until we started working with Cranberry's professional services team. We can now capture leads from third-party sites in a way that makes everyone happy.

Rich Christiansen

Rich Christiansen

Hoodoo Capital

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