This is us: a young and creative team with skills to cater the World.

Our history

What starts
as a small fruit...

What starts as a small fruit becomes the most sought-after ingredient in many meals. This is us. A young creative team with skills to cater the world. As a TripleOne company launched in October of 2020, we wanted to bring a new perspective to marketing, branding and communications. We take pride in our capabilities to help you obtain your brand and marketing goals.

Our mission

Our Mission is to help you bring your brand to a more distinguished level. Using the latest technology on the market, our team of experts is there to ensure your vision becomes a reality! Click here to discover all that Cranberry has to offer.

Anthony Jackson -Hamel

Executive Agent

Meet Anthony Jackson-Hamel, Cranberry’s Executive Agent. Known for his pro-active and innovative thinking, Anthony is always on the hunt for the latest advancements and trends to continuously improve Cranberry’s offerings. 

From professional sports to business management, Anthony contains a multitude of skills and experience to propel any project he touches to success. His mindset and attitude radiates around the Cranberry offices and in turn, adds to the already motivational and creative atmosphere. 

If he wants you to know anything, it’s that Cranberry is just getting started. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

Daniel Perri

Director of Marketing and Sales

Meet Daniel Perri, Cranberry's Director of Marketing. Known for his professional and enthusiastic attitude, Daniel is always striving to see his ideas and strategies fulfill themselves successfully.

Given the opportunity to change the world, Daniel would hope to have a hand in the betterment of society and eliminate all the stresses of the world!

That being said, we'd like to leave you with Daniel's favourite quote, which comes from his dear mother Emilia, who passed away in 2019. "Don't let bad times get you down. The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life!" - AMEN!

Anthony Nobile

Senior Lead | Photo, Video, Design

Meet Anthony Nobile, our Senior Lead from our Photo, Video and Design Department. We can confirm that Anthony is passionate about his work, because details are very important to him. The fact that he is a perfectionist in all of his creative work, makes him one of the most ignited people on our team.

Anthony is a caring person who often thinks of others; if granted 3 wishes, he'd wish for: “1 - Health and happiness for myself and those around me, 2 - World Peace, 3 - A cure for cancer.”

A personal fact about Anthony: he has a tattoo on him which says “Do what you can’t” as a constant reminder to push himself to his limits and ignore self-doubt!”

Michael Selinger

Social Media specialist

Meet Michael Selinger, our Social Media Specialist. Equipped with the expertise and knowledge, Michael is always strategically optimizing and managing your presence on social media platforms.

When he’s not analyzing engagement data, he enjoys capturing the world through the lens of his camera. It’s a subtle reminder of just how much goes on outside of our own little lives.

When asked about his views on success, Michael sees it quite simply. “Do what you want to do and you’ll never feel like a failure.”

Karim Sayah

Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet Karim Sayah, our Digital Marketing Specialist. Constantly chasing knowledge and challenges, Karim is equipped with the tools and expertise to propel your online campaigns to the next level.

Not only digitally fluent, Karim speaks four languages; English, French, Arabic, and Spanish. A perfect talent to have to ultimately fulfill his perfect vacation of exploring exotic islands!

We leave you with a little bit of advice from Karim; remember to always live the life that you wanted!

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